Luke Reichold

Software Engineer and Consultant

About Me

I currently work as a software engineer building apps and libraries for organizations around the world. I enjoy running, rock climbing, and studying linguistics. You can find a showcase of selected freelance projects on my portfolio and articles on my blog. My open source work is at @lukereichold on GitHub.

Get in touch with me at: [email protected]

You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

My current areas of interest are:
  • Native mobile application development, security, accessibility, and developer tooling
  • Machine learning, with focus on language processing and mobile distributed architectures (e.g. federated computation / learning)


Recent Projects

arweave-swift: A lightweight Swift client SDK for the Arweave blockchain.

Swift for TensorFlow: Contributions to project documentation, swift-models, and Python interop.

Visual Speech Separation: Interactive web app for separating on/off-screen audio sources for a given video, leveraging a multimodal deep learning model via TensorFlow Serving.

multiaddr-swift: Composable and self-describing network addresses as a modern Swift library

MastercardOAuth: Zero dependency library for generating a Mastercard® API compliant OAuth signature in Swift

SpeechTimestamper: Generate an accurate, timestamped transcript given some speech audio and its transcript using GCP's Speech-to-Text gRPC API.

Bubble Chinese: iOS app for creating and annotating Mandarin Chinese language lessons, offering interactive tools for students to follow along with lessons in real-time ("karaoke-style") as well as to record and share their progress.

Security Analysis for Prominent Electronic Poll Book Vendor: Conducted comprehensive, system-wide threat modeling and audits of all hardware and software components.

Selected Presentations + Talks

Reverse Engineering and Securing iOS Applications. Lecture presented at annual Asynchrony Internal Conference in Saint Louis, August 2017 and at the St. Louis iOS Developers Meetup, February 2018.

Remote Cardiovascular Rehab Monitoring for Physicians Using the Fitbit API. Poster session for Computer Science Capstone project presented at the annual Senior Legacy Symposium at Saint Louis University, May 2016.

Erythrosight: a Real-Time Blood Loss Monitoring System. Poster session and product prototype demonstration presented at the inaugural MEDLaunch Demo Day in Saint Louis, May 2016.


These are the platforms and tools that I have experience working with:

Web: LAMP, REST, gRPC, React, CSS, MySQL, Node.js + Express, WebGL, Vapor, Flask + Jinja, Bootstrap, PHP, Java + Maven + AppEngine

Mobile: Xcode, iOS, Swift, LLDB, Objective-C, Foundation APIs, SwiftUI, Firebase, CloudKit

Design: Sketch, Photoshop, InVision, Three.js / WebGL, RealityKit (AR)

Systems: C++, C, Bluetooth LE + Classic, XBEE, MPI, Arduino, RBP, MPLAB X, security modeling

ML: Python, Keras + TensorFlow, Jupyter, Colab, NLTK, Pandas, Core ML

Platforms & Tools: Git, macOS, Unix tools and scripting, Jenkins, AWS, GCP